Alaska Xbase++

Alaska Xbase++ 1.90

Compiles, debugs, reads and organizes code
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Alaska Software

Complete software development projects by compiling written and edited code, linking content, debugging the output structures, designing forms for presentation and generating dedicated online documentation for sharing. The program supports different code structures.

Xbase is a true 32-Bit native code Compiler with Linker, Debugger, Resource-Compiler, FormDesigner, Online-Documentation and a large sample collection showing the basics of the rich Xbase featureset.
Xbase has been designed from scratch to always be Clipper 87 and 5.x source code compatible. Xbase comes with DatabaseEngines to support concurrent usage of DBF/NTX (Clipper), DBF/CDX (Comix) and FPT/CDX (Visual FoxPro) table/database and index/order files.

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